Slow to load windows.

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Slow to load windows.

Post  aboh on Sat Jan 02, 2010 8:33 am

I am sure many of you will experience this. You switch on your pc and you wait almost 5 mins for the pc to successfully start windows. Maybe your kids will approach you and start asking for a new pc or laptop. And you realise the pc is not as fast as the first time you bought it. For your info, our pc is just like cars, the pc or laptop needs maintenance too! I will list a few area where we could look into to optimize your pc.


This is the main culprit that causes your pc to slow down in starting up windows. Startup items are programs/software that windows will automatically start for you the moment it loads. My advice is to minimize as much as you can for the startup items.


Go to start.

Enter msconfig in the search bar and press enter. For xp you need to go to run to key in msconfig

Under the general tab, choose selective startup

Under the startup tab, untick the checkboxes that you wish the program not to starup automatically.


My advice is to untick one program at a time. Reason is so that you know how to back track if a certain program runs abnormally.

This will only improve your windows start time and not the overall pc speed.

There are other areas such as disk clean up which will you may want to look into to maintain your pc.

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Re: Slow to load windows.

Post  starstruck96 on Sun Jan 03, 2010 11:43 am

a good write up..
den change/upgrade ram to boost up ur computer speeds.
if ur PC/lappie support higher specs of raM. lol! study

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