Open Net - Fiber Termnation Point Installation

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Re: Open Net - Fiber Termnation Point Installation

Post  starstruck96 on Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:53 pm

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Re: Open Net - Fiber Termnation Point Installation

Post  Ikon on Wed Jan 19, 2011 8:00 am

Update on the Fibre Optics or Starhub MaxInfinity, with this setup, my home broadband is totally wireless. Signal to my desktop in the bedroom is still patchy. The bandwidth initially is like super fast and gradually slows down to almost like no connection at all and frequently encounter "Opps the page link seem to be broken - DNS server not found" error message. The repeater install don't seem to help.

Another thing to note, the frequent loss of signal drove me to call up Starhub Helpdesk for assistance only to realize they currently have no support for MaxInfinity customer and you need to go through the Maxoline Helpdesk. Call them first time, two Fridays ago, they took down my contact number and promise that someone will call within 24 hrs, and that didn't happen.

Can't take it anymore and last Monday call them again at 11 pm and demand that they put me to someone immediately, even that they promise me that someone will call within the hour. Kick lots of fuss and eventually someone did call within 45 minutes. Did a couple of troubleshooting, and determine that the root of my problem was with the wireless adapter on my desktop.

Even though with the repeater installed and the signal was excellent, my desktop is using a PCI adapter for 802.1b/g wireless whereas and my wireless router supports 802.1b/g/n. Bandwidth was really bad using to test, even my mobile is getting higher bandwidth. Did the troubleshooting for nearly 1 hour with Starhub, eventually they offer to get the router "expert" to call me up the following day to see if they can help to tweak my router.

The router "expert" did not call... but Starhub did call on me last night to check if they call. So I will be expecting another call tonight from them. Meanwhile, I went and got myself an external wireless adapter which support the wireless 802.1n and install that on my desktop. Tested the connection the whole of last night, and encounter no lag in the wireless connection or the internet and no more "Opps......" pages.

To summerize, I'm piss off with Starhub for not getting someone to attend to my complaint, eventhough the bandwidth is not the problem as we tested out by connecting direct to the router with a wired connection and I'm getting nearly 100 mbs download bandwidth as advertised. We have determined that the issue is due to the wireless setup. It seem that the router provided by Starhub, is suppose to support the 802.11b/g/n wireless, however for my "g" wireless adapter, I have trouble getting good connection. Benefit of the doubt given, perhaps the location of my desktop or even the wireless adapter could be the culprit, so I will leave that as it is but reminder for future adopter or even if you guys are thinking of upgrading to wireless "n", please ensure that the equipments are compatible.
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