Turbo Charged Chevy Optra

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Turbo Charged Chevy Optra

Post  Ikon on Wed Feb 17, 2010 11:47 am

Spend nearly the whole day reading 43 pages on a subject that was almost 2 years in the making on the Daewoo forum. Some guy TC his 2.0 cc Optra and it's not a simple task and the amount of money spend and the parts changed makes our very own mod attempts in gaining that bit of performance looks like nothing.

Those interested can read on the topic here. Anyway TC is not everyone cup of coffee, and again although the fella is in Canada, he might have a different Optra model but ultimately, this car is as good as it can get. The last dynoed figure was somewhere in the region of 258 whp for the 2.0 cc engine and in doing so, over the last two year period he has swapped his engine, change his clutch system, change his gearbox, exhaust mod was also done, upgraded his suspension to KW V3, upgrade his turbo from T3 to T4 and damage that once as well and not forgetting his injectors were also upgraded and he is using eManage system to overide his ECU. It's interesting to find out that the stock gearbox was not able to take in the additional torque from the engine and the gear tooth broke and the shared from the broken gear tooth broke the rest of the gear as well. He had to change to a bigger gearbox and that's lots of modification done on the clutch system as well as on the gearbox mounting.

The fact remain, an engine swapped cost him CDA$ 400 and a gearbox upgrade to F28 cost him CDA$700 and the gear box was imported from the UK. He has made the modification stealth like, hiding his turbo and the piping and masking the sound of his 3" exhaust piping and using the most silent muffler he can find to avoid attention to his modification from the inquiring ears and eyes of the white ants! Seem that TC is also illegal in most country where the TC is not stated as stock model.

Goes for sure if you guys are looking for parts, look hard enough and you'll find it somewhere out there. Remember our car make is a hybrid one, done simply google as Chevy Optra, try other names that it's known as such as Daewoo Lacetti, Buick Excelle or Suzuki Forenza and the engine that's use on our rides is known as GM's L91 e-Tech II family which is also used in the US Chevy Aveo and the Pontiac Wave, so some parts are interchangeable but do your research well before ordering from overseas.
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