Vehicle Inspection Inspector quizzed by CPIB

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Vehicle Inspection Inspector quizzed by CPIB

Post  Ikon on Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:57 pm

As appeared in yesterday news, 6 inspectors from STA in Sin Ming were "called in" for an interview for suspect of accepting bribes to pass heavily modded cars. STA conducted their own internal investigation and four of the inspectors admitted the wrong doings and were fired on the spot while the other 2 were suspended.

Interesting development in the car industries, the other inspection centers would now keep a closer eye on their inspectors making all of them very cautious. We can expect more stringent checks on vehicles due for the mandatory 3 or 2 years inspection, no more zoom, zoom they will have to go into more detail inspection otherwise, if vehicles caught by LTA which they pass will lead them to the interview chair at CPIB.
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