Wheeler Dealer on Discovery Turbo Channel

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Wheeler Dealer on Discovery Turbo Channel

Post  Ikon on Tue Aug 03, 2010 1:19 am

Wheeler Dealer featuring Mike Brewer as the smooth talking car salesman and Edd China as the marvelouslly talented mechanic. I've been following this program quite regularly on the Discovery Turbo Channel and their find always made me drool but last night's program top them all, they got hold of a 1990's BMW 840 for 3500 British Pound (BP), roughly about SGD9K spend nearly 2000 (BP) to do up the body work,paint and minor repairs to the aircon and change the tranmission cooler and sold off an almost good condition BMW 8 series for just 5750 (BP)! That would come to less than SGD15K!

That BMW 8 series is simply fantastic, ground hugging, a front you simply want to put your arms around! If only our LTA is not so strict on old cars No

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