Girls today

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Girls today

Post  Ikon on Fri Aug 27, 2010 1:27 am

Talk cock in the kopi tiam since we don't have our monthly meet-up. Today's topic will be on girls, yup fasting month we discuss about them, the root of all evil and many more. Just last week I doing my night shift which ends nearly at midnight. My usual routine, I take bus home and at the bus-stop, encounter two sets of lesbian Shocked Yup two sets, one set seem older and they were hugging each other, while the other set looks younger, maybe 14 or 15, dressed quite sexy and one of them, assuming this one to be the butch and was getting kinky and trying to kiss the other girl!

Goes to show, there are no more good men around as these gals prefer their own kind! Mad

The most recent encounter was just two days ago, this time I was in the MRT train heading toward Paya Lebar at around 5 pm, I think it was at Kembangan, this young thang got on the same train cabin that I was in, she was wearning those mini denim skirt and she was quite tall, I think.. Laughing since it's the fasting month so can't stare too long to get the detail, suddenly she flash me lor and I nearly fell off my seat! Embarassed

As she sat down, she cross her leg, not a full cross so the denim mini skirt become taunt and the triangle window open up and reveal a pink floral panties Cool, wah no choice I immediately turn my head and nearly poke my eyes blind to prevent it from taking a second look!

As I got off the train at Paya Lebar, I wonder would would happen if I say in a loud voice " Hullo, your pink panty is showing, don't mind please close the window" to that girl?

It's always an adventure taking public transport, I urge you guys to give up your cars and give public transport a try, you may never want to drive again! Laughing
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Re: Girls today

Post  Captivian_Major on Fri Aug 27, 2010 4:15 pm

haha....good ideas...sometime will take train...


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