Are our Roads Getting Dangerous?

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Are our Roads Getting Dangerous? Empty Are our Roads Getting Dangerous?

Post  Ikon on Wed Jan 19, 2011 7:27 pm

That's what the New Paper says today and reports of the recent fatal accidents over the past few days, one involving a 19 year old driver and the other a 30 year old rider. The articles seem to pointing everywhere, young people, old people, moded cars, Orchard Gudang and etc. and one palce they fail to point is to themsleves, as Singaporean.. we are perhaps the worst drivers around!

I have posted before of my experience with other drivers here, I don't claim to be a better driver, infact I am also guilty of "dirty driving" once in awhile. The New Paper article has set me thinking and from my experience on foreign roads, I must agree that we Singaporean are all F__kup drivers!

I think if you guys dig up some old postings, I might have mentioned during one of my driving trip to KL, how I got road hog by Singapore plate cars on the NSH, and how some drivers refuse to queue when filtering and they prefer to cut into your lanes so that they can jump a few cars. These are all too common on our roads.

In my last road trip to KL, I met a Malaysian friend and he mentioned, not to worry when driving in KL, if you need to change lane,just signal and inch forward, they will surely give way to you. True enough I gave that a try and the Malaysian drivers are giving way to me, they didn't even horn! After that I have mush more respect for the Malaysian drivers, when they signal I give way to the saying goes, courtesy begets courtesy! They may park anywhere and they can do wonders on their road, but I guess Malaysian respect life more than we do!

Road hoggers still piss me off, but I'm more tolerant with them, perhaps we Singaporean are payng a high price for driving around this tiny island which wouldexplain the chip we have on our shoulder when it comes to driving, it seem that everyone is thinking that they OWN a piece ofthe road they are driving and they do9n't have to be considerate to other road users! My 2 cents.
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Are our Roads Getting Dangerous? Empty Re: Are our Roads Getting Dangerous?

Post  starstruck96 on Thu Jan 20, 2011 3:25 pm

I support ur 2 cents..We are impatient uncaring f*#* up attitude drivers..been ur situation b4 in horn n gave way attitude.nice.maybe the driver scared of horn may lead to lose of life or kidnapped or being shot at...
Riders are at rage too...rmbr the article on the motorist gave chase n corner e driver under void deck due to driver reckless driving..
No much educated message is getting into sPore drivers n motorist.

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