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Danga Bay - Visited

Post  Ikon on Sun Apr 03, 2011 1:35 pm

Danga Bay - Johor Bahru, have heard about the place and "drop-by" once. Went in to the carpark, the place is deserted and left immediately.

Wife's extended family wanted to spend some time there so on 2nd April we went in to JB and Danga Bay.

Here are some images of the place.

Cool place but the place only gets lively in the evening, so no point going early but the best time would be just before sunset, you get tp watch the sunset over the Johor Straits. We were at the Danga Beach section of the Danga Bay, mostly the Marinas, food joints, a performing stage and an amusement park.

Amusement Park rides cost anywhere from RM4 to RM10 per person, the rides are pretty lame but I did have an amusing time on the bumper car ride. Bone jarring but fun with the family. We were there for the food. Before dinner we had snacks, kerepok lekur @ RM5 per serving, rojak petis @RM5 per serving, satay, 3 types around 30 sticks cost around RM26.

Dinner was at Bawang Merah Restaurant or was it Bistro and I would rate the food as " not up to my standard ". The only saving grace is the Tomyam soup, the rest are mostly forgettable.

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