Cycling currently trending

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Cycling currently trending

Post  Ikon on Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:52 am

Yup the title says current trending subject is Cycling and why is this in this session?

They are unavoidable, now you see them everywhere. In every aspect of daily routine I encounter them everywhere. In the morning as you make your way to the bus stop and while you are waiting for the bus to come and you hear the "kring kring" of their bell. Weekends if you are staying in Pasir Ris, especially along Drive 3, you'll see them either solo or they bunch in a group as they make their way to Changi. Just yesterday when we were at Lor Halus Wetland, they were everywhere, crossing the Serangoon River via the bridge that shows asign that bicycle must be push, and yet they were happily cycling and some even at great speed.

Recereational outlet or menace to road users, park user or even bus stop user Laughing ? Honestly I harbour a secret desire to join the cycling brigade, it's fun and healthy but the current state of awareness on safety and consideration for others among cyclist is simply dissapointing. These cyclist are going about their business with a chip on their shoulder and we are confounded by the foreign cycling brigade as well adding to the chaos. More need to be done, it's a matter of time before cycling becomes a dangerous activity as the cycling population grows. Therefore education and enforcement need to play it's part, e.g. would be on the ruling for motorised bicycle or a hybrid if you want to call it. I saw flyers and poster that says you need to be 16 years and above to ride this bike and other conditions as well such as helmets and etc., but how much of this are being enforced when the cyclist is not being in compliance?
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